PINO Garden Restaurant, a gastronomical open-air at Błonia.


PINO – 7 Na Błoniach St.

PINO Garden is a new restaurant with PINO in its sign board, a second one in Krakow. Its specific localisation – famous Błonia in Krakow – influences the atmosphere and design of the restaurant, since they resemble vibes of this unique place which cultivates rest, recreation and healthiness.

The meals in PINO Garden Restaurant’s menu are the combination of haute cuisine and popular, commonly – known dishes; vegan ones and meals originating from Polish tradition, as well as the specialities from other cultural circles (e. g. Italian, Spanish, or American cuisine).

PINO Garden - The Green Way of Living!


PINO GARDEN means a modern open kitchen that enables our guests to have a look into gastronomic art, as well as the steel stove, in which pizza is baked every day according to original Italian recipe.

PINO Garden also means a huge, 600 square meters garden, a room for kids and space dedicated to group events.